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Kayaking is one of the exciting and popular recreational activities to do summer.  Quite a few people are taking up kayaking or learning how to kayak. When it comes to kayaking you are going t need quite a bit of equipment. Let’s take a look at a few things you would need to enjoy kayaking this summer.

One of the first things and most important things you would require is a kayak. Now buying a kayak depends on where you are planning to use it. Most recreational kayakers usually prefer kayaking in large lakes. Quite a few kayakers also prefer fishing along with kayaking at the same time. The Perception Pescador 13 kayak is one of the most versatile ones you will find. This sit-on-top kayak is just about perfect for beginner to intermediate paddlers. This kayak has plenty of storage space for all your essential gear that you may need to carry. Combine the bow and center hatches with water proof hatch covers and you will have air tight storage spaces for all the gear you want to carry.

Once you’ve got yourself a kayak then you should be looking at getting kayak foot pegs. Kayak foot pegs are quite vital especially for beginners. They generally used for inflatable kayaks. Foot pegs offer you additional stability and balance while riding. Installing them is also quite straightforward as well. These foot pegs are usually made from durable plastic and last quite long. Once you’ve got yourself a good set of foot pegs. You should look at getting you’re yourself a good paddle. Usually you get one along with you kayak but if you didn’t you would have to get one yourself. Getting a light weight fiberglass paddle should be on your agenda. The AquaBound swell 240cm fiberglass paddle is perfectly balanced and flutter free. This kayak paddle is quick and responsive and can be used in different situations while kayaking. So get yourself a kayak and the necessary accessories and enjoy kayaking this summer.

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