How to get your kids interested in baseball


10 oz t ball bat, batting cage backdrop tarpsSo you’re looking to get your little one involved in some activities. After all, you don’t want them to end up being couch potatoes. But what do you get them involved in? I believe that every child should at least try their hand at baseball. It’s the American Past Time for cryin out loud! Here are a few tips and items to help get your child started for what hopefully will be a long and successful baseball career.


You definitely want to practice with your kids before they start to play. Otherwise you’re setting them up for failure, and not only will they want to quit baseball, but they won’t want to try anything else either. Take them to the local batting cages, or if your yard is big enough get one of your own. If you do get your own, then get some batting cage backdrop tarps to protect the cage and give the pitcher a target. Also be sure to sharpen up their defense as well by hitting them fly balls and grounders.

Let Them Choose The Equipment

While you might think it’s a good idea to surprise them with a bunch of baseball stuff, it is actually much more beneficial for them to pick it out, as they are the ones using it and they are the ones who need to be comfortable with it so it makes sense to let them pick it out. If you’re starting them out young with tee ball, then you’ll want to get a 10 oz t ball bat. Just let them pick one that feels comfortable to them. The glove is tricky because new gloves aren’t broken in. Just make sure that their hand feels comfortable in it and that it has sufficient padding.

What are some of they ways you’ve gotten your kids ready for baseball? Share them with us in the comments section!

Written by Jack Arrigucci

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