Twin sheets for your bed


twin flannel sheets, fitted twin bedspread

When it comes to bedrooms, think comfort beyond everything else. Comfort accompanied by great looks is a winning combination. Choosing quality twin sheets for your bed ensures you get uniform prints and designs for your bedding that can hold you in good stead for years to come. Read on for some quick information on what makes for good sheets:

Twin flannel sheets

Cotton sheets are by far the most popular as they’re soft and luxurious. When you want sheets that don’t move around and stay in place when you roll over, it’s best to go for sheets with a good thread count. With a higher thread count, the sheets don’t wrinkle up. The weave of the fabric also matters as the number of threads wrapped together makes a difference to the durability of a sheet. Anything from 300-600 thread count is considered good. Satin, fleece, flannel, bamboo and organic sheets are all good choices to make.

Make sure you measure your mattress depth to get the right fitting sheet. When sheets fit well, the beds look clean and smooth. Twin flannel sheets made out of 100% cotton from Bed Linens are ultra soft and plush. The double-brushed, durable Portuguese sheets are warm and smooth. The sheets stay smooth and comfortable even with repeated washing. With Best in Show doggie prints in houndstooth, herringbone or spot-patterned twin flannel sheets, you get playful yet stylish sheets in 100% cotton.

twin flannel sheetsFitted twin bedspread

Fitted sheets of the right size can give you secure, uninterrupted sleep. The bed surface will be smoother to give you a comfortable feel. Ill-fitting and loose fitted sheets have a tendency to move every time you roll around making for disturbed sleep.

A fitted twin bedspread like the elegant Snow Leopard print sheet in sateen can give your room a lively look. It’s wrinkle-free and stays smooth and comfortable even with repeated washing. Garnet Hill Grandstand fitted flannel sheets have a tight weave and have a sturdy, thicker, durable finish. They have a brushed finish that give the sheets a softer texture and feel.

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