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Exactly one week from today marks the first day of summer. If you haven’t already, grab your trusty smartphone or good old fashioned paper planner and block out next weekend to celebrate the start of the new season! If you plan to spend your summer days and nights getting your BBQ on, enjoying kitschy luaus complete with tiki torches, and taking full advantage of that Slip ’N Slide you haven’t used since the ’90s, you’re doing it right. If your backyard is not quite conducive to setting up these plans, we’ll help you get started with a couple of must-have additions so you can enjoy summer in style:

To dress up your umbrella table: Use umbrella tablecloths

When it comes to finding a table that will help you beat the summer heat, umbrella tables are a fantastic no-brainer choice. To dress your table up for your next party or barbecue, try throwing on an umbrella tablecloth designed to accommodate your table’s pole. You can even have fun with color blocking (who says color blocking is only for outfits?) by picking out a tablecloth with a vibrant pop of color that contrasts from that of your umbrella. Make sure to pick out spill-resistant umbrella tablecloths – you’ll be glad you did when one of your guests gets a little too happy at your next party.

For comfort: Use a plastic lounge chair cushion

A true indicator of an epic party is one where your guests stay for hours and hours and teeter dangerously close to the realm of happily overstaying their welcome. In order to reach this benchmark of success, you’ll want to have the following secret weapon handy: a plastic lounge chair cushion for every last lounge chair in your backyard. While they are practical and useful, plastic lounge chairs aren’t very comfortable on their own, and they tend to accumulate dirt and debris easily. Try picking out cushions in bright jewel tones or fun patterns or prints for a low-maintenance option that will hold up well outside.

What else would you add to dress up your backyard for parties or lounging around? Let us know!

Written by Lizzy Jude

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