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verizon home phones, cordless wall phone with voice mail indicator

Ever since Alexander Bell invented the telephone back in 1876 communications have evolved exponentially. Cell phones have slowly but steadily replaced home phones thanks to their versatility. Even with the rise of cell phones a lot of us still have home phones thanks to their advantages. Verizon being one of the biggest carriers have quite a few good phones which you could use.

One of the biggest advantages with home phones is that call costs are a lot cheaper than cell phones. This is why most people still have a home phone in addition to a cell phone. The other reason is that the call quality on a landline phone or home phone is a lot better than a cell phone. Verizon has a large network of home phones across America and have one of the best networks around. Among the Verizon home phones the VZ-V400AM is quite a popular cordless phone. This Verizon home phone will offer you possibly the best call quality among home telephones. This cordless phone has a large physical range and will quite easily cover most parts of your house without any interference. The battery life of the cordless unit is quite good and the digital indicator will ensure that you know when battery life is low.

Apart from the Verizon VZ-V400AM can store you contacts and record birthdays as well. You can also assign reminders to ensure that you never forget any of your friends or family member’s birthday. Most Verizon phones allow you to set specific ring tones to specific contacts so you can make out when the phone rings. The only drawback with this phone is the fact that it doesn’t have a voice mail indicator. If you want to stay on the Verizon network but aren’t interested in their home phones you could always pick up a phone of your choice. Among the cordless wall phone with voice mail indicator the ones from Emerson are great. These phones come with a built-in answering machine as well. The caller ID and the ability to store up to 50 contacts makes things convenient as well.

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