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Summer is the season of backyard parties and barbecues, which means that in turn, it’s also the season of messes to clean up. Cleaning up doesn’t have to be an enormous hassle, though. If you want to spend your time enjoying the sunshine and good company without having to spend too much time doing some serious cleaning afterward, we’ve got some tricks that will be sure to minimize the hassle:

For all occasions: Use low-maintenance vinyl table cloths

If you’re tempted to make the mistake of using linen table cloths for your outdoor party, resist the urge. Sure, they’re pretty and will add style to your soiree, but your guests will probably feel more even relaxed outside than inside, so the chances of drinks spilling are high. You don’t want to be running around blotting at spills all night when you should be enjoying your party, so try using vinyl table cloths instead. These are a low-maintenance option – just keep a roll of paper towels handy, so you can clean up messes in a single swipe.

For a nicer occasion: Use a plastic placemat

In most cases, summer parties are casual affairs that involve guests mingling and moving freely about, so there won’t be much need for placemats. If your party is a more formal and structured one, however, such as a bridal shower or baby shower, you’ll probably want to have them.  This is another case where you might find yourself wanting to use the linen placemats you already have. While it might seem convenient, doing the extra laundry won’t be worth it. Using plastic placemats in bright colors is an easy way to add style to your party. If you’re stuck on color schemes, try pairing an electric blue plastic placemat for each guest with turquoise table cloths or another contrasting color for a fun color-blocking effect.

What table cloth would you pair with an electric blue plastic placemat?

Written by Lizzy Jude

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