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where to purchase pinkberry stain lipstick by Clinique, applesauce matte lipstick by Clinique


There are some days that no amount of relaxation and rejuvenation can make my face look fresh. On these days wearing my favorite lipstick gives me the right amount of color and liveliness to my face. The applesauce matte lipstick by Clinique always comes to my rescue when I have to give a quick retouch to my makeup. This color will look good on every skin type and you can easily pull it off for day time or night time events. applesauce matte lipstick by clinique

It was a summery and hot day and when I looked at my face I realized it needed some color. So for all those days my favorite is nothing but the applesauce matte lipstick. It pumps my face and makes it look alive. It helps me in getting a total transformation.

Do you know where to purchase pinkberry stain lipstick by Clinique? I have been told that it another best pick for the summer. It is a refreshing and rejuvenating color to uplift one’s face and personality in totality. However apart from knowing what exactly to apply this summer, remember the technique is important else the uplifting look will go for an absolute toss. While there are no strict rules the following proves beneficial.

  • The lip liner is a must for tracing the outline of the lips. While some women apply lip liner later too, it is a matter of personal preference
  • Stick inside your base while applying your gloss or lipstick. Did you know for plumper lips a bit of lip gloss should be applied in the center of your lip?
  • Choose what suits you best whether it is a lipstick brush, tube or even your middle finger but as long as the color gets on your lips it is absolutely fine!

Look hot, look glamorous this summer with the right application and pick of lipstick. So do you have a favorite lipstick color that you would like to share with others?

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