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auto horse hay feeder, ventipulmin syrup

I always wonder what horse owners think when they hear dog owners complaining about how difficult it is to take proper care of a pet.  I could picture them rolling their eyes as if to say “Give me a break, I have to pay a separate rent for my pet.”

All kidding aside, horses are beautiful creatures.  I have never had the pleasure of owning one, but, from what some of my friends tell me, it’s something to treasure.

Here are a few products that will hopefully make taking care of your horse a little easier:

Auto horse hay feeder

One of the good things about an auto horse hay feeder, such as the Health E-Z Hay Feeder is that, not only is it a comfortable way to feed your horse, but it also helps to save you money on hay (anything to cut costs now that you have to pay for that stable).  As you can see in the photo above, there are little openings on each side of the feeder, causing only a little bit of hay to be taken out by the horse.  This minimizes waste and, in turn, saves money.

The Health E-Z Hay Feeder is also rather durable, immune to fluctuation temperatures as well as to being knocked around by a stallion.

Ventipulmin syrup

Horses are somewhat sensitive animals and there are a few diseases that may afflict them from time to time.  Ventipulmin syrup is what is used to treat horses that are affected by airway obstruction, a rather common occurrence for horses.  Ventipulmin syrup is easy to apply; do it twice a day for three days, allowing 0.5 ml for every 100 pounds your pet horse weighs.

These are just a couple affordable products that can help you feed your horse, save money, and treat him when he is sick.

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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