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automobile compass, tecnet ttl-1000 gps tracker/logger

GPS technology has improved tremendously over the past few years. GPS navigation and tracking is the general direction in which the industry is heading. These navigation systems are now used a lot in cars and GPS software is now available in cell phones and other handheld devices as well.

GPS navigation systems have become quite advanced as a few of them even offer live traffic updates. This helps you make decisions about which route to take. In addition to GPS navigation GPS tracking devices are also quite popular as well. The Tecnet ttl-1000 GPS tracker/logger is one of the best ones you will find. This GPS tracker is perfect for your car as it offers you a very accurate current location. It also logs and records the entire journey and stops the car would make and can store up to 3650 hours of data.

Here the data also includes things like driving speeds and driving habits. The installation is also quite straightforward thanks to the magnetic mount and all this device needs is a 12 V power plug and it is good to go. The data regarding the locations works perfectly with programs like Google Earth, coming with a 1 GB secure digital card which will store all the data needed.

GPS navigation systems may have improved a lot but at times you could lose your GPS signal link. This is where a good old compass works as a great back up to your GPS system. With a compass and a paper map you can easily find your way without any problems. An automobile compass is something that most people seem to be buying for their cars these days. They work exactly like a regular compass except for the fact they offer digital output. The Car Digital’s compass is quite a handy one to have as it has lot of features.

In addition to the compass it also displays the time, temperature and calendar. The large and bright LED display make easy to read while driving and can be mounted on your dashboard quite easily. This device is a great back up to your GPS navigation system.

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