The do’s and don’ts of baby showers


baby shower centerpieces

Planning is very important if you want a baby shower to be a success. A well thought out plan can help you avoid any problems or snags so everybody can have a good time on that special day, especially the mother-to-be. Here’s a look at some do’s and don’ts that can make the occasion happy and fun:


1. If you’re hosting the baby shower, think of a theme as it’s easier to work out the details. A theme helps give you the colors to play around with, like decorations, party favors, baby shower centerpieces, food, dress code if any and others.

2. Start with a baby shower centerpiece like a 3 tier – 100 diaper baby shower diaper cake centerpiece and work around it. It’s functional with a hollow in each cake where you can keep little baby gifts.

3. Inform the guests about the time and venue for the baby shower well in advance. This will make it easy for guests to plan their day and reach the party on time.

4. Do plan a few games or you may find that after opening the gifts there’s nothing left to do. Think of outrageous, fun games to set the tone for the day. It is after all supposed to be a fun occasion to boost up the mom-to-be’s confidence and make her feel good.


1. Don’t tell your guests about what gifts they should give or not give. Just keep them informed about where you’re registered so they can decide.

baby shower centerpieces2. Don’t register for expensive gifts as that may be awkward for the guests. Instead ask family or close friends to book gifts in advance, for example, a 2nd edition scroll crib, car seats, strollers and other things that you need.

3. Don’t under any circumstances reveal or talk about graphic, horrible, scary stories about child birth. It could put off the mother-to-be and even some of the guests.

4. Don’t organize heavy meals that call for a formal seating arrangement. Instead, go for attractively displayed finger foods that are easy to serve and eat and foods that the mother-to-be and guests love.


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