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With the emergence of cell phones, house phones are slowly starting to fade away. Cell phones being more convenient and functional are slowly starting to push landlines out of the market. Even with the rise of cell phones, landlines are used by quite a few people and have a few uses.

One of the major advantages with land line phones is the fact that you will never have signal loss. In addition to that the call quality will always be top notch. The other advantage with landlines is that most land line call costs are a lot less expensive when compared to cell phones. Lastly landlines are a lot more secure as cell phones these days can be hacked while landlines are a lot more secure.

Among the land line phones available getting a good old Bell phone is a good idea. The Crosley 302 is a good house phone to have. This phone can be mounted on a wall for convenient storage. This phone features a classic rotatory dial with push button technology. In addition to that it also features a flash and redial button. There is a tone and pulse switch, a ringer volume on/off switch, earpiece volume control to give different options.

If you want a little more versatility with your land line phone then you should get yourself a cordless phone system. Among the cordless phones available the AT&T cordless el52401 4 handset phone system is a good option. This phone system allows features 4 handsets which you can place in 4 different rooms for convenience. These handsets feature an integrated digital answering system.

They also record 50-name/number Caller ID history and store up to 50 contacts so you’ll have all of your important numbers stored right on your handset. These 4 handsets feature Push-to-Talk which allows you to easy communication between your handsets. The transmission frequency of these wireless headsets won’t interfere with other wireless devices or WI-FI networks.

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