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We hope you had a fun-filled 4th of July week and enjoyed the warm weather outside. This week we have a bunch of talented bloggers who are keen to share their adventures with all of our readers. First up we have Christine who is an amazing cook and also loves to share her DIY projects. Then we have Jocelyn who has an exciting career as a food miniaturist. Finally, we have Supal who is well-traveled and wants to share her culinary experience with her readers. Grab a cool, refreshing drink and enjoy reading these wonderful blogs!



Deep in the Heart of…Arkansas?!!


Deep in the Heart of…Arkansas?!! is our little family blog that was started to share our exploits with family and friends back home, and it has turned into something much more! We are DIY weekend warriors and really embracing life where we are. We are learning as we go and sharing both our triumphs and our epic fails!



Hello. I’m Jocelyn from a little red dot on the world map, called Singapore. My countrymen are known for our no-nonsense, meritocratic nature, which makes my food miniaturist career appear all the more crazier to my peers. While everyone else is drafting proposals and attending business talks, I’m pinching clay and experimenting on achieving the most realistic food textures. Other times, I’m planning workshops and sharing the craft with anyone who’s curious about the world of very small food. Being the sole woman behind the entire business, from photographing my latest miniature work to dropping off packages to worldwide customers, it has been a bumpy yet fulfilling ride. Everyone’s invited to join me in my journey on my blog, see you there!


chevrons and eclairs


After a trip through the Middle East in 2009, I knew I wanted to share my experience with others. The only way to really capture the memories was to cook some of the quintessential Arab dishes I learned from various kitchens. As I continued traveling to each corner of the world, I started noticing the little details that made a particular culture so unique: the patterned rugs of Morocco, tapas culture in Spain, pastries in France, historic architecture in India. This is when I realized I wanted to share all that I have experienced with everyone “around” me. On chevrons & éclairs, you will find a bit of life, a sprinkle of recipes, a little homemade goodness, perhaps some design and fashion, and a party isn’t complete without entertaining. After all, life is about enjoying every moment.


If you also plan to entertain your guest then consider getting a banana chair that is super versatile. You can take it to the outdoors when you have guests for a barbeque party or bring it indoors to sit and watch TV.


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