Best of the Web no. 72


It’s that time of the week again when the Wednesday hump and the afternoon slump collide. If you could use a midweek break to discover some great reads, look no further! If you like keeping tabs on the creatively inclined, several of our featured bloggers this week have you covered with eye-catching creations, including handmade accessories, graphic designs, illustrations and paintings. In addition to eye candy, you’ll find recipes for palate-pleasers ranging from snowball pudding to scrambled eggs with spices. And if you could use a break longer than taking in a quick cuppa, you’ll also find some vacation inspiration for a summer getaway.

littletree designs

“I started the blog just over a year ago, mainly to showcase my design/illustration work but also to share other designers’ work that I admired. From there it has grown to include all aspects of my creativity that I enjoy and hopefully my readers do too!

So as I said before, I share designers’/makers’ work that I like, usually from Etsy … crafts that I try out and DIYs that I find … Pinterest finds … and CAKE! I like cake a lot, so there is the odd recipe or two … Etsy treasuries … photos of places I visit … retro/vintage finds from car boot sales … homes and interiors … blogs I LOVE … plus, of course, some of my own design work and products for my Etsy shop.” — Rebecca

Hello Miss Potter

“Amy (aka Hello Miss Potter) is a graphic designer, runner and self-confessed Twitter addict living in New Zealand. She blogs about everything from life as a freelance designer to her running trials and tribulations.” — Amy



“Easyfoodsmith blog is about easy and flavoursome food. My cooking motto is ‘no-fuss-recipes’ – recipes that will not make much of a dent on your time and are mostly effortless. Now what more can you ask for!

At EFS you will find dishes with pronounced North Indian flavours and also my twist to some dishes from other cuisines, such as Saturn midnight moon cake or vanilla panna cotta served with gulab jamuns and not to miss the marinated oregano chicken. I try to retain the flavours and nutrition value of the dishes that I cook/bake while tweaking and experimenting in my kitchen.” — Taruna


Beruna Girl

“I am Andrea and Beruna Girl is my portfolio site and blog. I work at a packaging company by day and work on graphic design, paper art and other crafts by night! My blog chronicles my nightly and weekend adventures on design and crafts, and features some links and articles about design, books, general geekiness, and inspiration.” — Andrea


Cara Mia Bella

“Cara Mia Bella is my artist’s journal, a place for me to open my studio doors and invite others to see a glimpse of the self-taught artist’s life, the creative entrepreneur’s work, and a mother’s desire to balance it all … with plenty of scenes from the redwood forest nearby. I blog about my passion for painting and design, my creative process and studio scenes, running a successful Etsy shop, and DIY and how-to projects. I share my inspiration, be it from other works of art, the beauty of nature, or other talented artists.  I blog to inspire myself and others to become our best and most creative selves, to have the courage to create boldly and intuitively, and especially to keep the creative fire burning. Visit my little studio in the Redwoods!” — Carrie


“The gremadcha blog started in the depths of motherhood when my identity as an artist and writer was buried deep beneath diapers and newborns and sleepless nights. It has since become a record of creating, stumbling, succeeding, failing, the hilarity of four young children and returning to the page again and again and again. It is most of all a timeline of love.”  — Greta


Soleil Ignacio Illustration

“My blog is basically where I post and talk about all my illustrations and my work process. Sometimes I also talk about random things and events that are happening in my life; it depends if I’m in the mood to blog or I’m feeling talkative.” — Soleil


More from Meg

“My blog is about navigating my way through being a newlywed 20-something. I love to talk about DIY, fashion, life, makeup, jewelry, our fur baby and everything and anything girl related! :)” — Meghan


coffee, light & sweet

“coffee, light & sweet started out as a place to document and remember one of the best summers of my life, along with a few recipes and random things sprinkled here and there. It has since turned into something of a journal/place to do whatever I feel like! I’m Jillian M. and on CL&S, you’ll find all sorts of things, from tips on how to be resourceful with leftovers, cool links from around the Web that I feel the need to share, my weird habits, super easy recipes and snippets of my life (mostly on the weekends, since that’s the only time I actually have a life).

And of course, I always keep it light and sweet (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).” — Jillian


Midweek breaks are a must, but so are time-outs throughout the rest of the week. If you need a place to call your own while relaxing, forget the living room couch and try settling into seating for one, such as a blue denim chair, instead.

4 Responses to “Best of the Web no. 72”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks again for including my blog! And all of these other blogs look fab too, cannot wait to go check them out!x

  2. Marla Says:

    I have followed Greta through Gremadcha for quite a long time. Her blog is at the top of my list because she’s real, she’s honest, she’s funny and her writing style speaks to one’s heart. What she failed to mention is that she has one of the best(my personal favorite) Etsy shops which also goes by Gremadcha. She is awesome to work with and everything I have ever ordered exceeds my expectations. I really hope you check it out. Oh, let me also say I don’t personally know Greta but had the good fortune of stumbling upon her blog one day.
    I’m looking forward to exploring the other blogs featured here.
    Thanks for your recommendations.

  3. easyfoodsmith Says:

    Thanks once again for featuring me on your blog :-) Will soon check out the other blogs that you have recommended.

  4. Jordianne Says:

    Wow! Soleil Ignacio is one of my favorite Filipino illustrators. Yay!

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