Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week no. 81


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week

And we’re back! If you have Fourth of July off, today just might feel like a midweek Friday for you. We wanted to make sure to send you off into the holiday in style, and we knew there would be no better way than by recommending the amazing blogs below – they just might inspire your look tomorrow! We’ll admit that we just can’t help but harbor a little bit of style envy for these ladies. We definitely wish we could raid Winnie’s closet for her black and white polka dot party dress that harkens back the ’60s – right after we raid Summer’s for her beautiful Estonian lace shawl, followed by Gail’s for her chic fish tail pencil skirt!

Retro rack

“Retro rack is an ode to my love affair with vintage fashion, thrifting, and modification of clothing. This is an affair of long standing that began sometime in the early 1990s when it became evident that mine was a shape better suited to the 1950s, or even the 1850s, than anything the modern world might provide.

This affair has persisted to the current day, partly because I adore the styles themselves, and partly because my figure has only continued a – shall we call it? – exaggeration of form.” — Gail


Scruffy Badger Time

“There’s never enough Scruffybadgertime for me, as it is all the things I love doing and would do more of if I could. I’ve always loved making things and being crafty, but sewing is my passion, and the things I sew (generally for myself) are most featured on my blog: my plans, my results, my failures and my lessons learnt, with an occasional dash of silliness. What I love about sewing and blogging is the freedom to let my quirkiness and individuality out of the box, to express myself through my style (both in what I wear and how I write) and to engage with likeminded, interesting and inspiring people from across the world. It’s a very happy place.” — Winnie


Comprehensively Quirky

“Comprehensively Quirky is where I post about projects and share my thoughts and point of view.  I’m a fiber artist and love making things!  I live with multiple chronic pain conditions but strive to create and be productive.  I’m focusing on knitting and designing patterns most recently.  I’ve created a quirky little world all my own and hope you like it. :)” — Summer


For another way to celebrate the Fourth in style, try ditching the plastic table and chairs, take your barbecue inside, and use your dining table and a dining settee instead.

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