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It happened all of a sudden. Like an unsuspecting person I paid a visit to the neighborhood pet store and found myself face to face with a vivid and beautiful bird who greeted me with a boisterous “hello”. Instantly I was smitten and minutes later I was driving back with my new pet bird. I realized that one of the basics of bird ownership is with providing adequate living space. There was a plethora of models, colors and sizes of bird cages available.

The placement and location of the bird cage was important to me. I wanted one of the wrought iron bird cages since it was very easy to clean and maintain. I managed to find an appropriate place in my house thus got a lovely cage which had a ladder at the top for activity and a stand that mounted the cage.

The bird’s size of the cage was also a vital factor to look into. I chose one which was adequately spacious since a small cage would result in undesirable behaviors such as feather plucking, psychological disorders, screaming and biting. In fact I got a bird cage that was adequate for my pet to walk around comfortably. It also gave room for her to extend and flap her wings as well. Do not forget that your pet’s bowls, toys and bid perches need to be taken in account too!

A good cage in my opinion would be one which would be enhancing the bird’s psychological health. After research I concluded that angled cages are the best bet. It can accommodate any species of a pet bird. In fact many bird owners have been amazed to find their pets as little escape artists. Thus the shape and design of the cage would involve one to look at the correct bar spacing too. Maybe you could think of a Victorian design too?
My pet parrot is very precious to me so I thought that a solid and sturdy bird cage is the most desirable option. Are their any sharp edges and loose parts? Keep in mind smaller details and get the ideal cage for your precious pet to provide for a secure, sturdy and safe living space


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