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Wanting to look good is something all of us aspire to daily. We work out, get hair and skin treatments done and eat healthy. But niggling things like stubborn, dark spots and pigmentation on our face can be upsetting even for those with upbeat, positive attitudes. Luckily, bleaching creams have proved effective in getting rid of discoloration to leave skin looking smooth and blemish-free. Let’s take a look at some creams that promote radiant, healthy skin:

Bleaching cream

Bleaching creams are very effective when you have conditions of uneven skin pigmentation or uneven skin tone, age spots, scarring due to acne or wounds, freckling and brown discoloration of skin. Bleaching creams work to lighten or whiten skin tone to give even, smooth and bright skin.

Many people swear by natural home remedies like a blend of heavy cream, lemon juice and turmeric. This blend of natural ingredients is safe for skin and has no side effects.

Glytone skin bleaching clarifying cream contains hydroquinone that gradually bleaches skin. It clears hyper-pigmentation caused due to over-exposure of sun rays, age sports, freckles and others. It’s a cream that’s recommended for night use as it does not contain sunscreen.

Wella Blondor lightening bleaching cream has chamomile extracts and works to give you the exact degree of lightening you require when used in the recommended ratio. Lower the concentration of the activator, lighter and more gentle the skin lightening effects.

bleaching creamClarins night cream

Keeping skin moisturized and hydrated is very important to maintain skin’s natural elasticity while using bleaching agents. If you have dry to normal skin, check out Clarins multi-active night cream. It has proved very effective in keeping skin hydrated. It contains natural plant extracts with rich moisturizers that help keep skin fresh and radiant. And keeping skin moisturized with Clarins night cream also helps stave off fine lines and wrinkles to leave your skin looking fresh and young every day.

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