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browning lotions


I have pale skin so I need to use browning lotions to get some color on my skin. Last summer we went to Hawaii for a holiday and the lotions worked miraculously giving me a cool bronze look. I got several compliments for the tanned look which I give credit to the lotion. You must give it a try!

I love a little color on me and at the same time I know it is not safe to sit under the sun to achieve that. All I need to do is just apply the best tanning firming lotion and let it do its wonders. In most of them there are some effective ingredients like antioxidants, vitamin A, C and E, aloe, coffee plant extract, mineral oils among others. Each of these lotions has some old family secret formulas and work for all types of skin. They also have properties that firm the skin which is of great help to ladies wanting a tanned as well as toned body.

I realized that it was a water resistant lotion and bugs would hate it. Thus it made it very comfortable to wear the lotion whenever I wanted and at any place and time. Did you know that along with browning effects, it has skin protection and moisturizing qualities as well?

These browning lotions are the best thing that I have come across for speeding up the sun triggered tanning process. In such a short time one can get a deep tan. Thus the lesser time you spend in sunbathing, the better it is for your skin. If you want the best results it would be great if you apply it frequently. Do not worry about the effectiveness and safety since it is tested and has proven itself over time as well.

What are you waiting for? Grab a bottle before you head out to your next holiday. Be rest assured to have heads turning to appreciate your hot and glamorous look.

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