Kitchen items for your college bound child


built-in toaster oven, crystal punch bowls

Are you sending your child to college? In that case you must remember that you are not sending him or her into a land of text books, late night cramming sessions or weekend long fraternity parties. On the other hand you are sending your child into a place where a home cooked meal no longer contains of one meat, one starch and two vegetables. Instead it is replaced by boxed macaroni, noodles and cheese.In fact if your child is lucky, they might have got a bag of chips too from their roommate’s stash. Is it easy and quick? Yes! But is it fulfilling and healthy? No! If you want your child to have semi nutritious meals, then as a parent arming him or her with some kitchen essentials is a must. This is exactly what I did with my son Larry such that he did not have any excuse to eat cold pizza almost every morning.

A built in toaster oven was the first. It is a basic gadget with which he was equipped to toast, bake or broil. Thus whether it be a piece of meat or two slices of bread, he could get a wholesome meal when he wanted.

Some other things include a saucepan, stock pot, knives among others so that your child can cook a quick fix meal and fill their stomach heartily. Do not forget the cutting board or even some ceramic mixing bowls if your child is inspired to cook up some interesting new recipes. Cutlery and crockery are some of the other basic accessories that are a must. I also gave Larry some crystal punch bowls such that hey could use them on special occasions. In fact he told me later that they turned out to be rather useful.

As far as the pantry goes, the sky is the limit but basics like oil, salt, pepper and others are needed for basic cooking!

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