Serve food in casual porcelain dinnerware


casual porcelain dinnerware

When entertaining guests the presentation of the food served is as important as the food itself. Food when served in the appropriate dishes not only looks inviting but also looks authentic. This summer when you have guests over, go one step ahead and choose the suitable dinnerware for the food cooked to take the entire evening a notch up. Porcelain dinnerware is a classy and elegant set to own and serve in. In this blog post we will be giving you the various casual porcelain dinnerware options that you can consider.

Casual porcelain dinnerware

The Pewter Acorn and Oak lead serving pieces is a beautiful collection that can be used for formal or casual dinner settings. You can serve salad or fruits or pasta in these bowls. They are versatile and chic at the same time. The exquisite detailing of pewter oak leaf and acorn handles on the porcelain bowl gives it a polished and classy touch.

The Portmeirion Botanic Garden 3-inch square mini dishes are perfect to serve nuts and other snacks with cocktails. It also makes a good option to serve sushi to your guests. The small size of the dish makes it handy and easy to use. The botanic garden pattern is the top-selling pattern of all times and making an investment in this will be a good idea.

You can even serve butter in a tasteful piece such as in a Pillivuyt covered butter dish. For serving dessert check out the Crate and Barrel dessert dishes that can be used for casual or formal entertaining. They are easy to clean and can be stacked one on top of the other for easy storage.

Also check out the nature’s home dinnerware for earthy colored tones and design for an elegant dinner table layout.

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Written by Omi Nandan

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