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Are you a makeup lover with a constantly growing collection of cosmetics? We can relate! It’s hard not to get sucked into buying nail polish, lip products, eye shadows, and whatever else might strike your fancy in an array of tones and colors. Switching up your nails and makeup throughout the week can be just as great of a pick-me-up as going from girly to tomboy chic outfits from one day to the next. Being a makeup fanatic with a growing collection can be tough to keep up with when it comes to storing and transporting your many products, however. But not to worry; here are a couple of necessities that any beauty lover will be sure to find convenient:

For your most essential cosmetics: clear makeup bags

Once your makeup collection becomes massive, it can be tough to remember which favorites you’re toting in your handbag, and which you left on your dresser or vanity. An easy way to keep track of your makeup is by storing your everyday essentials in clear makeup bags and throwing these into whatever handbag you’re currently using. These are especially convenient because they allow you to spot which items you have handy in a single glance without having to unzip and rummage through your makeup bag. Clear plastic makeup bags are not only inexpensive; they’re also practical, since you won’t have to worry about any unplanned spills ruining your handbag or its contents.

 For the rest of your collection: a wheeled art case

For the rest of your collection at home, try using a wheeled art case that a professional makeup artist might use.  These are built for people with a large inventory of cosmetics, so if you have a sizable stash, it makes sense to get one. Look for one with several tiers of trays with compartments for an extra convenient option that will get you organized.

What top five essentials would you carry with you in a clear plastic bag?

Written by Lizzy Jude

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