Pamper your little buddy with a cooling fan


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In the warm summer months, the heat can take a toll on your little buddy too, making it snappy and irritated. Like humans, even dogs feel the heat and sweat, which is especially true if the dog is has thick fur/hair. So you need to give some extra care to your pet during these months, to ensure their healthy well being.

One of the best ways to start off with is to ensure they are well hydrated. Keep their water more accessible and keep changing it on a regular basis. You can also get a dog fountain or faucet, which helps them get a fresh drink whenever they want.

Along, with maintaining the internal temperature, you also need to keep your pets in a cool environment. Even if your home is centrally air conditioned, your dog may need some added soothing. Cooling fan for dogs are the perfect pick here, because they help your buddy cool down, without adding to your electricity bills.

Check out the Metro Cage cooling fan to protect your pets from the uncomfortable and hazardous hot weather. The fan has two speeds ensure maximum efficiency and powerful air circulation. It works on D batteries and is portable. So you can take it along for walks or outdoor activities too.

The deluxe, portable fan protects and keeps them cool and relaxed at home or away. It is designed to be ultra quiet and so won’t frighten your pets. Attach it to the pet carrier and let your pet enjoy some cool air and stay rested, even on the hottest of days.

When lying outdoors, you can use pet cots to attach the fans. These pet cots comfortably raise your pet off damp, dirty or buggy ground. The bone-patterned nylon and mesh cots are breathable and let air circulate and rain to drain through, making it weather and pet friendly!

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