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Upgrading your computer is quite a normal thing in the course of its useful life. One of the first things that you usually need to upgrade is storage space. Getting external hard drives are a good option but they aren’t as fast and efficient as internal ones.

Getting your PC an additional internal hard drive does have quite a few advantages. With an additional internal hard drive you will be able to connect the two on via RAID configurations. Based on these RAID configurations you can decide on whether you want performance or stability. When it comes to hard drives, there are basically two different hard drives available these days. They are SATA hard drives and Solid State drives. SATA hard drives are the most commonly used ones and feature high capacities of up to 2500 TB or 3000 GB.

Solid State drives or SSD’s usually come in low capacities of and do not exceed 500 GB. Solid State drives offer you the best performance but do not have enough capacity. With an SSD your system start up will take less than 15 seconds. File transfers and writing performance will be a lot faster when compared to regular SATA hard drives. An SSD is also available as upgrade hard drives for dell XPS and most pre-configured laptops as well.

SATA hard drives are the most commonly used hard drives. They may not perform on the same levels as SSDs but they cost a lot lesser and feature large capacities. Seagate is known to make some of the best internal hard drives out there. They feature large capacities up to 3 TB which will ensure you never run out of space.

They also feature high performance high EIDE hard drives. An EIDE hard drives is similar to an SSD but not quite as quick as them. They cost a lot lesser than SSD’s and come in slightly larger capacities. Western Digital is also a very well known manufacturer of high performance internal hard drives. So improve your computers performance and storage space by getting an additional hard drive.

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