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If you’re in a situation where you can afford to save, you’re definitely not alone in this economy. The name of the game for your home most likely isn’t redecorating by replacing your furniture every few years – instead, you’re probably holding on to your well-loved furniture longer than you normally would. While this is practical for your wallet, it doesn’t do much for your decor. Luckily, furniture that is starting to show some wear can be inexpensively revamped, which means you can easily switch up your decor without having to buy new furniture.

We’ll help you get started by freshening up a piece of furniture you use every day: your dresser!

To combat stubborn drawers: replace your dresser drawer glides

If you have to roll up your sleeves and practically wrestle your dresser just to get the drawers to budge, it might be time to replace your dresser drawer glides. Broken or worn-out drawer glides can be caused by any number of reasons – a common offender is when kids repeatedly pull out the drawers and use them as stairs. If you’re not quite sure if your glides need to be replaced, here’s a simple way to check: Pull out your drawer in question, lightly rub a candlestick against its glides, and try inserting the drawer back into the dresser. If applying the wax doesn’t help, try replacing your dresser drawer glides. You’ll want to measure the depth of your drawers and purchase glides that are as close to this dimension as possible without exceeding it.

If you’re tired of your room’s color palette: spray paint your dresser

Once you’ve grown bored with your decor, your trusty dresser is no longer a useful vessel for your clothes – instead, it becomes an obtrusive, clunky eyesore that takes up space. If your room is suffering from a serious style rut, try using a Krause & Becker airless paint sprayer kit to transform your dull, neutral colored dresser. You can opt for a pop of bold color, such as an emerald green or blood orange, or go for something more subtle, such as a pastel coral or Tiffany blue.  For an even more stylish dresser, try masking off all but one drawer at a time and use multiple paints for a color-blocking or ombre effect.

What paint colors would you use with a Krause & Becker paint sprayer kit? Let us know!

Written by Lizzy Jude

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