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A gentle face wash or soap is essential for people who have sensitive skin, or are prone to allergic reactions to certain chemicals, which are found in a regular soap. Irritation of the skin is high during the summer seasons due to the heat wave. A natural face soap is a milder and healthier alternative for people with such skin types.

As the name suggests, the natural face soap is made of ingredients from nature’s gardens. These soaps are available in organic versions too, which are free from all kinds of toxins and chemicals. In fact, they might lather less because they do not contain mainstream chemicals and tend to melt faster.

Nevertheless, these are a sensible pick for people with sensitive or even regular skins because-

  • They help to get rid of skin problems like acne, pimples, etc.
  • Are skin friendly and help reduce allergies caused because of chemical reactions
  • Can be used all year through. You can pick from oil-free versions for the summers, when irritation of the skin is heightened because of sun exposure. Moisturizing alternatives with jojoba oil or avocado can be picked for the colder seasons.
  • Contain soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera that help combat allergens and reduce common skin problems

Aubrey lotion

Along with soap, you also need to moisturize and nourish your skin with lotions and creams. I love the Aubrey lotion range, which includes cleansing lotions, special lotions for kids, etc. The Aubrey Organics green tea and Ginkgo moisturizer for normal skin is a light daytime moisturizer that offers skin protection against the natural aging process.

It also restores softness. You can wear it under makeup or even alone to keep skin healthy and well-hydrated. Again, the product contains many natural ingredients including green tea, which has anti-oxidant properties. Ginkgo, a traditional Japanese and Chinese herb, has been known for its many skin benefits too.

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