Tips on finding a fashionable and functional dog collar


When I got my first dog in 2009, I was obsessed with finding the cutest and most fashionable dog collars for her. What I found in stores was never quite what I wanted, and in the end, she broke all of those anyway, either by force or wear. I’ve had a few years to learn how best to find durable, quality collars. So here are my tips on dog collars!

Tip One: Buy online
When possible, I suggest buying online, especially from Etsy. The ribbon collars sold in mass market are not manufactured as well and often cost more than handmade! I have had many collars from PetSmart, Moochie & Co., and other pet stores break off my basset hound, but my handmade collars are strong as can be. Plus, shopping around Etsy, you are sure to find a collar that fits your style and your dog perfectly – they use your dog’s measurements to make an adjustable collar!

Tip Two: Try a martingale
Martingale collars are easily slipped over your dog’s head and tighten when your dogs pull. Unlike buckled collars, they adjust when pulled against and prevent your dog from slipping their collar. They are also incredibly strong – my buckled collars have broken from little force or come undone in some fashion, but the martingales hold true. Have a really tough dog? Try a chain martingale as seen on my basset hound mix above!

Tip Three: Color coordinate
When buying a leash, try buying a solid color nylon leash. Then, try and pick collars that go well with your solid color. For example, my basset hound has a royal blue lead. Her collars feature royal blue accents to match a sturdy lead. My corgi, on the other hand, has three leads to match three collars perfectly. My favorites are my dogs’ matching collars that Etsy seller Kyra Vicory of the Mod Dog crafted for our wedding!

Tip Four: Tag your dog!
No matter how many collars you own, be sure to have tags on them! Have your dog’s name and your phone number at the least. My dogs have their home address and mine and my husband’s numbers. There are tons of cute tags too – check Etsy for handmade ones! They have everything from hammered metal to colorfully painted tags.

Tip Five: Use a collar
This one seems obvious, but many people don’t collar their dog. I can recount multiple terrible situations with uncollared dogs approaching my dogs when they got loose, including a recent incident where my neighbors’ two uncollared dogs got into my apartment and went to the bathroom everywhere, with me unable to catch them while holding two collared dogs back. While many dogs are trained, accidents happen, and you want to ensure not only that your dog gets back to you, but also that someone could put a lead onto or control your dog.

About the author
Katherine is a lifestyle blogger who writes on Of Corgis & Cocktails (, a blog about quirky fashion, adorkable pups, delicious foods, and more. She has two rescue dogs, a basset hound mix and Welsh corgi mix, and two rescue guinea pigs.

In addition to a stylish collar, try keeping an eye out for a portable dog house kennel to use when you and your dog are on the go.

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  1. Vivienne Says:

    Excellent advice! It’s so scary to see pets loose and if they don’t have tags because they don’t have collars, it’s so hard to help them get home! And I love the chain martingale my dog has, it’s great!

  2. designer dog collar Says:

    Continue the wonderful good article, I just read couple of articles about this web page and i believe that the blog is rattling intriguing and consists of sets of helpful information.

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