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fishnet placemats, table lamp green celadon

The patio table is one of the most ruggedly used accessories at your home. It withstands a lot of wear and tear because of weather conditions and it it is treated rather shabbily just because it stays out. So get a few accessories to decorate the table and make it more appealing.

We do get around the table almost every day for a pot of coffee or dinner or even lounging around. As a rule of thumb, always pick something durable and sturdy for the patio table, else you will be running out constantly during the rain or hailstorm. Check out these products that I found handy, functional and decorative too-

1. Fishnet placemats

With all that dust outside, you need mats that are easy to clean. Durable Basketweave woven vinyl placemats provide high quality placemats, which are usable both indoors and outdoors. They feature satin-touch plastic placemats in several colors that can be wiped clean using a damp cloth. The mats don’t stain easily and have a lovely texture that adds to the design.

2. Table lamp green celadon

An outdoor lamp is both functional and serves decorative purpose. This brass lamp is again easy to maintain and sturdy enough for outdoor use. Don’t use glass based ones as they can damage or break easily. Metallic ones are durable and don’t keep falling off because of strong wind.

Apart from these, you can also decorate the patio table with-

  • Artificial flower baskets, which come in vibrant hues
  • Get some fancy metal bowls or flat plates that can be used as a stand for hot casseroles
  • A trendy printed table cloth in plastic, cloth or even vinyl adds to the decorative value
  • Candle stands are another practical piece for the table. Leave the candles there so that you can plan a quick romantic evening

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