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fuji underwater camera, fujifilm s4400 14mp

One of your best companions on vacations is your camera. You can capture your favorite moments and treasure them forever. With the number cameras available these days I am sure you will find one which suits your needs and specifications.

When you are on vacation I am sure you would want a camera which isn’t too heavy and big but at the same time has a lot of features. Point and shoots cameras are great for vacations. One of the most versatile cameras which you could use on your vacation would be Fujifilm s4400 14mp digital camera. This camera features a 14 megapixel CCD sensor which will take some of the brightest and clearest photographs.

The lens elements of this camera are coated with Fujifilm’s multilayer Super Electron Beam Coating which is used by large format camera lenses which are used by professional photographers. This gives you clear photographs free of ghosting effects and lens flares. Macro photography is perfect as you can go up to 2 CM close and take close up pictures with as much detail as possible.

This camera also features a large bright 3 inch LCD display for you to share your photographs. The 230,000 pixels will ensure that you pictures are displayed bright and clear. The optical zoom for this camera is also quite powerful at 24 x. This camera also has the ability to shoot video at high definition. The maximum shutter speed is 1/2000 making it perfect for fast snaps. Overall this is a very good point and shoot camera which has features of a DSLR as well.

If you are looking for a versatile rugged tough underwater camera then the Fine Pix x30 Fuji underwater camera is your best bet. This camera is perfect for adventure and sports enthusiasts. This camera has a tough rugged exterior which is shock proof as well as waterproof. It can work underwater up to about 16.5 feet. This camera is dust proof as well freeze proof up to -10 degrees as well. In addition to the rugged exterior this camera comes with a wide angle lens provided by Fuji that will let you take some great photos. The 14 megapixel sensor along with the optical image stabilization feature will allow you to capture your favorite moments in any given condition. This camera comes in in green, black and orange colors.

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