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Heading to the beach? What are you going to wear?  Just a word of advice here: if you get your outfit ideas from Rocky III – where Rocky and Apollo are sprinting on the beach – you are way off base.  It has been almost 30 years since it was okay for men to wear garments that expose the belly.

That being said, what kind of beach apparel is in style for men nowadays?  Let’s take a little tour through some fashionable items that, while not helping you knock Mr. T out, will look good under the sun.

A brand whose popularity has been increasing gradually for years now and shows no signs of slowing down is Quiksilver.  They specialize in making all types of clothing for the beach – shirts, shorts, sandals, swimming trunks, and more.

You really should check out some of the Quicksilver slim fit men’s T shirts.  They are as abundant as pebbles of sand except each one stands out attractively no matter how many people are prancing around the beach under the Fourth of July sun.

Some of the coolest Quicksilver Slim Fit Men’s T Shirts, in my opinion, are these:

  • Quiksilver Marzo Slim Fit T Shirt 2011
  • Quiksilver Aggitation Premium S/S T-Shirt
  • Quiksilver Live Wire Slim Fit S/S T-Shirt
  • Quiksilver Cherry Beach Slim Fit S/S V-Nk T-Shirt

Of course, the list of trendy shirts from Quiksilver can go on and on.  While you are shopping for some beach apparel, get yourself a pair of sandals and cargo shorts as well.  Quiksilver offers all of these, as do a lot of other quality brands.

Full elastic men’s shorts from Bungalow Joe are great to wear at the beach because of how light and comfortable they are.  Pair them with one of the stylish Quicksilver slim fit men’s T shirts listed above and you have a dynamite outfit.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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