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High heels look great and make your legs look slim and long, adding inches to your height. But oh, the agony when your feet start paining! That’s enough to put you off a pair of pretty stilettos or pointy heels for life. Not really. That’s what I want to tell you. Gel insoles are there to help you don the most stylish of shoes with no pain. Take a look at some facts on gel insoles and see how they can help you wear the prettiest heels for hours with no discomfort:

Gel insole

Sometimes, wearing medium to moderately tall heels instead of excessively high heels tend to be more comfortable. And I’ve always followed this advice a shoe expert gave me. He told me to wear heels that contour to the arch of my feet – so that the weight is distributed over the entire foot and not just on the ball of the foot.

This is when I started using gel insoles too. Gel inserts act as a cushion for both toes and heels and allows you to wear heels happily for hours. A gel cushion foot insert prevents your feet from slipping forward. It keeps the balls of your feet comfortable by shifting pressure off them.

Try Kiwi Select ultra slim gel cushions that offer comfort and cushioning and prevent foot pain when you wear heels. Their slim fit ensures a perfect fit with most heels and sandals and stay firmly in place. They’re removable and you get them in colors and as clear, invisible gel insoles.

gel insoleHT – 1355 foot massager

And when not wearing heels is just not an option, get yourself a foot massager to pamper your feet. A HT-1355 foot and calf massager offers a therapeutic massage to relieve tiredness and stress from feet. The Human Touch CirQlation Release provides a robotic massage technology to ease sore calves. It uses massage techniques like a real, live masseuse to return blood circulation and soothe and relax your feet.

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