How to keep your golf shoes clean


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A good game of golf is always rejuvenating and relaxing, but have you ever looked at your shoes post the session. Chances are that they are laden with mud and sand. Golf shoe brushes are a great way to stay green on the clean, even as it increases the longevity of your golf shoe. It’s also the easiest way to get rid of stubborn grass stains on your shoes.

Products like Clicgear shoe brushes are great for days when the grass just won’t let go. With this brush you can get rid of all those tiny bits of dirt, without affecting the folding. This can be done even when you remain on the cart. The brush snaps easily onto to either side rear wheel tubing struts and is compatible with both Model 1.0 and Model 2.0 Carts.

Some other benefits of these shoe brushes are-

  • Help to get rid of all debris and grass stains from the shoes
  • Facilitate easier polishing
  • Waterproof the shoes, making them more weather friendly

Here are a few ways on cleaning your golf shoes-

  • Golf shoes made out of leather or synthetic materials, like Adidas Adiprene golf shoes tend to get dirty very easily. They need regular cleaning using a blend of mild soap and water. Get rid of the dirt using a golf brush and then wipe using the mixture.
  • If you are wearing white shoes, then use warm water and a towel. If using soap, stick to the mild version or opt for a white shoe cleaner. Leather oil is a great way to keep your shoes stay putt!
  • For suede ones, use a specific nubuck or suede cleaner or they might get discolored, making the almost non-usable!

Do remember to clean the sole of the shoes also, as you might just get your shoe rack dirtier!

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