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Babies are delicate, so having the right kind of crib is a must. It is important to ensure each part of your crib is in proper order to take precautions for the safety of your child. With your baby spending many hours in their crib, it is important to make sure it is constructed correctly to ensure their comfort and safety. Besides other hardware for cribs, you would need screws or pieces of metal, brackets and wood.

For complete security and safety, each part plays a crucial role without which can be pretty dangerous for kids. If at all you find that you have lost any part of the crib, you must replace it immediately. You can easily find the missing parts at your local hardware shop. Before you go out, make sure to check the warranty of your crib and have it repaired for free if the warranty hasn’t expired. You could even replace the cribs missing parts by yourself. You can get the parts either from the manufacturer of the company or from some other woodworking shop.

In fact it is easy to build a crib on your own if you have some wood working experience yourself. You can have various plans. Some will feature beautiful corner cribs that have turned traditional spindles and posts. Featuring drop side rails, you can adjust the mattress height levels. Once you are done, you can easily disassemble and reassemble it many times. It doesn’t even need any special crib hardware. You can get pre made spindles & posters. In fact baby cradle plans could be availed and you can get the material from any local home center. This will help making your dream crib. These plans
feature detailed photos and  drawings, list of materials and specific steps, beside the building process.

  • The very reason that you are putting in not only your time and hardware, but also your emotions and love into building your baby’s crib, it is rather important to know that you have taken the following safety measures for sure: The wood slots should not be more than 2 inches apart.
  • See that there are no rough edges. Infact you could add some extra cushioning on corners.
  • Rail height is at least 26 inches. The height of the rail should not be than three-fourths of a baby’s height.


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