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hp dm4 3170se,  pv114x lto4 2 drive

Computers need to be upgraded every once in a while in order to run the latest software applications that come out. A complete overhaul might not be necessary at first but eventually you would have to get yourself a new computer.

Laptops usually have a shorter life span when compared to desktops due to the performance differences. They are the ones that usually require upgrades and overhauls earlier than desktops. One of the first things you would have to upgrade in a laptop after a period of time would be its hard drive. Laptop hard drives usually come with small storage capacities.

You would have two options here. You could either buy an external hard drive or carry it around everywhere you go or you could buy an internal hard drive. Most laptop manufacturers like Dell and HP would help you with upgrading your storage space. Dell features quite a few hard drives for laptops, desktop as well as servers. The Dell PV114x lto4 2 drive is perfect for 2U form factor drives for the Dell Power Edge series.

Once you laptop shows signs of slowing down after you’ve upgraded it, then it is time to get yourself a new one. Getting a new laptop is quite tricky. The idea is to get one which has good specifications to last long while not being very expensive. The HP DM4 3170SE has a perfect combination of price and performance. This laptop comes with a dual core Intel Core i5 processor running at 3.1 GHz.

It features Intel’s turbo boost technology which helps make efficient use of the processor. This laptop features a 500 GB primary hard drive. It also features a 32 GB SSD which acts as a secondary hard drive to take advantage of Intel’s Smart Response Technology. This will considerably speed up your system making file transfers extremely fast. The battery life of about 4 hours on regular usage makes it quite impressive.  The 14 inch screen features a high resolution of about 1600*900. Overall this laptop has the best combination of performance and value for money.

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