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hp printer 5500 ink,  hp printer dust cover

Printers are one of the most essential gadgets to have these days. Be it at home or at a work place, printers play a vital role these days. Among the manufacturers for printers HP has been making some top notch printers of late. In addition to their printers they also offer accessories for your printers to enhance their life and efficiency.

There are many different types of printers available these days. If you are looking for a printer which is great for large formats then the DesignJet series from HP is one of the best ones around. The HP DesignJet 5500 is one of the most versatile and reliable printers you would find. The DesignJet 5500 happens to be one of the best large format printers. This printer will offer fast printing speeds without the sacrifice of print quality. These printers are perfect for graphics specialists and imaging professionals thanks to its image quality and productivity.

One of the first accessories you should be getting this printer should be a dust cover. This is one of the most essential accessories you can get. Dust covers are important when a printer is not in use for long hours. Dust can cause serious and sometimes permanent damage to your printer if allowed to settle around the print heads. Most HP printers come with their very own specialized printer covers which fit them perfectly. HP manufacturer’s printer covers for most of their printers. Therefore you shouldn’t find a problem trying to get a HP printer dust cover for the DesignJet 5500.

In addition to a dust cover having an extra ink cartridge is also a good idea. This way you wouldn’t have a problem in case ink runs on halfway during a project. The DesignJet 5500 uses HP’s high capacity 680 cc ink cartridges. The OEM HP printer 5500 ink cartridges might cost a fortune but they certainly do their job and ensure that quality is maintained. They might not have a very high yield but they will ensure that your printing quality remains top notch.

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