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ice table, ice bucket with stand

Planning summer parties can be fun, but they also present their own set of challenges. The intense heat means you have to worry about keeping your food and drinks cool, and a party isn’t an amazing one unless your guests walk away raving about what they ate or drank. If you’re concerned about making sure your food and drinks don’t turn lukewarm, don’t worry! Here are a couple of items you’ll want to have handy to ensure your party goes as planned:

To keep your food cool: folding ice tables

If you plan on serving your party guests a buffet-style meal, the easiest way to ensure that your cold food stays that way is by using a portable cold well table that you can fill with ice. To maximize the time that your food stays cool, try placing your ice table under a shady tree or on your backyard porch. Look for a durable stainless steel version, which will look sleek. Keep an eye out for one with swivel casters, which will make pulling your ice table in and out of storage a cinch.

To keep your drinks cool: ice bucket with stand

If you like to do your best imitation of a pro when you plan parties and pull out all the stops with your decor, then the thought of using a big, clunky cooler would probably make you grimace. No worries; you can keep your cooler on reserve for picnics and camping trips, just as it was intended. Try using an ice bucket with a stand instead. Look for a sleek, stylish metal version, such as a copper-toned or stainless steel bucket. These are great neutral additions that won’t steal the limelight from your other decor, so all that effort you put into that DIY flag garland will still be worth it.

What are your favorite cold foods and drinks to serve at summer parties?

Written by Lizzy Jude

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