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kitchen chair pads, pasta bowl sets

With some people it’s all about retail therapy. For others, it could be about working out. But for me, it’s all about cleaning and adding a small, but fresh, touch to my home to get rid of a bad mood. When I get these major cleaning urges, the first place I attack is the kitchen, using extra touches of color to soothe me. Here’s a look at what you can do to update your kitchen and get rid of that bad mood.

Kitchen chair pads

I have found that being around colors never fails to cheer me up. I had these old vases that needed something new to bring out their colors. I filled them with fresh flowers. But I also brought in some new Blair kitchen chair pads in a check pattern for my wicker breakfast chairs that reflected the color of the vases.

Knife block set

I had this bright yellow knife block set that I had picked a while ago. Kept on the countertop, the Fiesta Sunflower knife block set added this pop of color to my kitchen and it’s both functional and pretty.

kitchen chair padsPasta bowl sets

You don’t always have to buy new things. You can display what you already have to best advantage. Out came my Tabletops Gallery Cafe pasta set that were hidden away in a cupboard. The vibrant and different colored stoneware bowls are now displayed prominently in an open shelf.

Whistling tea kettle

There’s something extremely comforting about a whistling tea kettle in the kitchen. Though an electric kettle is more convenient, I love this Rachael Ray kettle in a bright red that came as a gift. It has a loud whistle and the bright color is just what I need to get rid of my blues. It has a stay-cool handle and an easy to lift spout cove.

Pegboard hook kit

Any kitchen can look neat when it’s uncluttered and things are put back in place. Fix a pegboard hook kit and paint it any color you want. Use the hooks to hang kitchen towels, baskets with cookbooks, bills or utensils.

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