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Home phones or landlines as we most commonly know are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The exponential rise of mobile phones is slowly but steadily decreasing the demand for landlines. Even with the decrease in demand for landlines there are still quite a few advantages with them.

One of the biggest benefits with landline phones is their reliability. Cellular networks have improved considerably over the past few years but even then most of us have reception issues. Landlines will never have reception issues as they are connected via physical hard lines. This will ensure that call quality and reception will always be at its best. The amount of dropped calls is almost zero when it comes to landlines whereas in cell phones you would have an average of about 2 to 3 calls dropped every day.

Cell phones also require constant charging while regular home phones like corded kitchen wall phones do not require any charging as they continuously receive power.  Cordless landline phones do have the same problem but they have a much higher charge life than regular cell phones. This makes landlines very easy to maintain compared to cell phones. The call rates for landline phones are usually a lot cheaper as well

Landline phones are also a lot more secure when compared to cell phones. This is because to intercept or eavesdrop on a call on the cell phone you would have to intercept radio waves. This can be done anywhere. On a landline phone you would have to intercept the specific landline cable which will be very difficult as they are usually underground in secure locations which makes it difficult for a person to eavesdrop on your call. For most home security systems your landlines are quite essential as well.

One of the most important advantages of landlines is that they can be traced quite easily by 9-1-1 operators. 9-1-1 operators can pin point your location in no time in case you are calling for an emergency via a landline. When it comes to cell phones, the accuracy of location isn’t quite as precise.

Cell phones may have the biggest advantage of being mobile, but cordless home phones do offer a little bit of versatility. Vtech cordless phones have a system of 2 receivers which you can place anywhere in your house for convenience. They can store up to 50 contacts and also support caller id and call waiting services.

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