3 healthy gourmet dog treats


kiwi dog treats, gourmet dog treatsThinking of a way to show your best four-legged friend that he is appreciated?  There certainly are some good ways to do that.  But, are massages and pedicures really what dogs want?

Quite possibly.

However, there are more affordable ways to show your dog some extra love when his behavior has been especially good.  Like human beings, dogs receive special satisfaction from having a belly full of yummy foods.  That is why I have put together this list of delicious dog treats that will make him a very happy pup.

Abacus Holistic Dog Treats: Abacus Chicken and Kiwi Dog Treats

These kiwi dog treats are bursting with all sorts of natural vitamins, such as Omega-3 and Vitamin E, to help keep your dog’s skin healthy along with his joints, eyes, and fur coat.  So, not only are you giving your dog a delicious snack that he will wag his tail for, you are giving him the vitamins and proteins he needs to stay happy and healthy.

Gourmet Dog Treats

If dogs had banquets, the tray that you see above would most certainly be sitting in the center of the snack table.  This assortment of handmade goodies is a healthy canine desert.  With a variety of truffles, cookies, and biscuits to choose from, your dog is sure to feel rather appreciated.

Foppers All Natural Gourmet Dog Treats

More gourmet dog treats that your pet will love!  Foppers gourmet dog treats come in several different flavors, including peanut, chicken, and cheese and bacon.  Again, we see that these tasty treats have a healthy dose of Vitamin E.  Foppers treats also include amino acids that make for a healthy immune system.

Isn’t it great to see these dog treat manufacturers so health conscious?  We need more snacks that are this tasty and healthy for humans!

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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