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kohler pressure washers, xtreme kleen pressure washer

We all know that cleaning up inside the house regularly can be a difficult job.  But cleaning the outside of your home can be a mammoth task. There are too many difficult to reach places and hidden corners. And you definitely need help. Daunting though the task may be, it is very “doable” with the help of a pressure washer. Just go through these tips to help you figure out how and where to use it for the most effective cleaning job:

Kohler pressure washers

The high pressure of water streaming from the washer can clean the most stubborn dirt from various surfaces. And with a Kohler pressure washer, it’s easy even to reach high places like the second storey of your house without a ladder or scaffolding.

The Kohler Courage pressure washer has predefined spray patterns to use on different surfaces and allows for precise control. It has a 25 feet long, high pressure hose that can reach high-up, difficult to reach place with a quick connect wand. It’s recommended that you use cleaning solutions to the water stream to for faster and efficient cleaning results. Pressure washers do a great job of cleaning sidings, soffits, gutters, brickwork and stucco textured surfaces.

kohler pressure washersXtreme Kleen pressure washer

When you want to wash out your decks, patios, driveways, siding, vehicles and water crafts, the Xtreme clean pressure washer is very effective and convenient. It has a 25 feet high pressure hose for added reach and a 35 feet electrical cord to reach the most difficult corners. The unit comes with several attachments to make all your cleaning jobs easy. It has a rotary wand, an extension wand and an adjustable wand so you can get hidden corners. Apart from these, it comes with a detergent applicator, a trigger gun and a brass inlet for long-lasting durability. It runs on a high energy motor and is portable. It’s conducive to use with hot water for extremely dirty exteriors.

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