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laptop with 640 gigabytes, hp omni 120xt all-in-one intel core i3-2120

Computers have evolved a lot over the past few years. Laptops have become more compact and they carry a lot more fire power while desktops have also become compact and they still are as powerful as they used to be. Here are a couple of new age computers which you should take a look at.

When it comes to getting a laptop there are quite a few things you should look at. One of the first things is of course your budget. Once you’ve set your budget only then you should look at the specifications. It is always difficult to get a laptop which is relatively inexpensive and performs as well. The Sony Vaio E1511 is a well balanced laptop which performs well and has a reasonable price tag. This laptop features the third generation dual core Intel Core i5 processor. This processor might not have the raw processing power like the i7 but it definitely isn’t a slouch either.

It is quite capable of handling most current generation applications. This laptop features a 15.5 inch screen which has a maximum resolution of 1366*768 enabling you to view HD content. It also features a generous 640 GB hard drive. This laptop with 640 gigabytes of space also comes with about 6 GB of RAM which will ensure your applications run without any hiccups. Apart from the specifications this laptop has a very simplistic design which makes it quite unique.

If you aren’t looking to get a laptop and want a desktop for entertainment purposes then the HP Omni 120xt all-in-one Intel core i3-2120 based media center PC is your best bet. This media center PC is perfect if you are planning to use your PC for entertainment purposes. The Omni 120xt is quite compact as the motherboard and the other components are embedded in the monitor. This PC features an Intel Core i3 processor running at 3.4 GHz.

The processor should handle most regular day to day applications without any problems. It also features a hard drive of about 1 TB which should be sufficient to store all your photographs, movies and videos. It also comes along with 4 GB of RAM and it can be upgraded to about 8 GB if necessary. The best feature of this desktop would be the monitor. This 20 inch monitor is capable of displaying full HD so you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and videos. This desktop is quite reasonably priced and is perfect if you are looking for a media center PC on a budget.

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