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mens polo golf shoes, mens dri fit golf shirtsGolf is a unique sport. Among other things, it is one of the few sports where there is no required uniform. Of course there is a general rule of thumb with a golf wardrobe, and some courses have a required dress code (or at least a list of articles of clothing that they won’t allow). The general golfing wardrobe is considered to be a polo shirt and khakis. If the weather is especially warm, most places allow khaki shorts. Just because your wardrobe options are a little boxed in doesn’t mean you still can’t look good! Here are some items you can pick up:

Mens Polo Golf Shoes

You might think that you can go golfing in any plain ‘ol set of shoes, but getting golf shoes will definitely help out your game. They have little spikes that help you grip on the turf, which can result in longer drives and better shots. If you’re going to get golf shoes, might as well get some that look good on top of it. A pair of Polo golf shoes will have you on top of your game and turning heads out on the course.

Mens Dri Fit Golf Shirts

You might think that a golfer doesn’t sweat a whole lot since golf isn’t as active as other sports, but you can get just as hot and sweaty as ever. There’s nothing more embarrassing than coming back to the clubhouse after 18 holes and looking like a sweaty mess. That’s why Dri Fit shirts are perfect for golfing. The Dri Fit technology helps keep you cool and dry, letting you focus on your game while looking like you just teed off the whole time.

What are some of your favorite items of clothing to wear on the golf course? Share them with us in the comments section below!


Written by Jack Arrigucci

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