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If you are out shopping for bed sets and you probably would want one that blends well with your bedroom, right? At every store the options are tremendous and there are chances that you can get very confused. There is a fine range of bedding sets from simple to designer ones that are on offering. So, get nothing but the one that goes best with your room.

Bright colors and wild patterns would go very well with rooms that have an earthy or a neutral tone to it. It helps in uplifting the mood of the room. However for one’s who like it sober can opt for creams, beiges or browns too. There is an unparalleled range of designs that you can choose from. I opted for the rich and glamorous matelasse coverlet. It added a significant among of elegance to the room.

For bright and kids room, the children have a unlimited amount of comfort with beautiful animated prints and ones which have attractive designs like butterflies or flowers, cars or planes. Why not opt for daybed comforts bold prints too, which come in a plethora of colors?

Bed sets apart from prints and patterns are available in different types of fabrics too. While cotton is considered to be the most common and comfortable, the quality is the key factor in the fabric. The thread count determines the quality of the cotton sheet. Usually a higher thread count would represent a better quality. I chose Egyptian cotton to enjoy the ultimate level of coziness and comfort.

Polyester is also an option that you can choose for bed sets. I figured that it was most commonly used in hostels ad budget hotels. On the other hand you can enjoy silk sheets that prove to be rather luxurious as well. Did you know that silk bed sets work best for hypoallergenic people? On the other hand in order to combat the biting cold, go for flannel sheets. It is worth an investment!

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