Grab this Mizuno catchers mitt and ankle guard


mizuno mvp catcher mitt, baseball ankle guardThe Major League Baseball season is halfway over, but many recreational leagues and little leagues are just starting. So now is the perfect time to pick up some new baseball gear. After all, Willie Mays didn’t play bare handed. True Shoeless Joe Jackson obviously played without shoes, but you can’t get away with that in today’s age. You’ll need the basics like a bat, ball, glove, and cleats. But there are some other items you should pick up as well. Let’s take a look at some of these things and why you need them.

Mizuno MVP Catcher Mitt

Mizuno is one of the top brands of baseball mitts out there. They recently got some publicity for sending a real samurai sword to San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain to commemorate the perfect game he recently threw while wearing one of their gloves. Of course he wasn’t the catcher, Buster Posey was. And if Posey was using Mizuno, then he would have definitely used Mizuno’s MVP Catcher Mitt.

Baseball Ankle Guard

Speaking of Buster Posey, the season ending injury he suffered last season has been well documented. After a rough collision at home plate, he ended up with a broken leg and torn ligaments in his ankle. A solid ankle guard may not have been able to stop the injuries, but it certainly could have helped. The ankle can be hurt by a simple misstep, or fouling a ball off of it. The ankle is one of the most vulnerable areas on the human body, so you will want to go great lengths to protect it as much as possible.

There you have it, two simple items to get your baseball season off to a fast start. What are some of your favorite baseball products to use? Do you have a favorite brand? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

Written by Jack Arrigucci

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