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There was a time when I thought that I would get bald due to excessive hair fall until I started using hairbrushes with natural bristle and nylon quills. In fact using a hairbrush has changed my life, at least where my hair is concerned. I was always told that using a hairbrush will cause the hair to become brittle but that is not the case and I discovered many benefits which helped me immensely.

I tried using an oval hair brush at first. I realized that it played a very crucial part in maintaining the health of my hair and keep my tresses de-tangled. With constant usage of the hair brush my lifeless hair actually became shiny. This was because that combing your hair on a regular basis activates the oil glands get activated leading to secretion of the natural oils. Moreover, it maintains a balance of the natural oils along with reduction in hair loss too.

Like most youngsters, I apply tons of chemicals like hair gels and sprays in my hair too. The residue of chemicals remain at the roots causing the hair to break easily. In fact did you know if you comb your hair regularly it helps one’s locks gets free from the deposits and lead to hormone secretion as well. This happened effectively in my case and then the hair growth is very lush and proper.

My friend uses Marilyn mini ovali pro brush and I have seen that she brushes her hair for at least three to five minutes. When I asked her why would she brush for such a long time she told me that it helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp leading to healthy hair. A good brush also has a tremendous massaging effect on one’s scalp which proves to be very soothing and relaxing.

Brush your hair wisely and reap the benefits with time to come. Try it to believe it!

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