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Cameras and camcorders help us capture memorable moments so we can cherish them forever. This is why cameras and camcorders are the first things you pack when you are heading out for a holiday. Let’s take a look at a good camera and camcorder which you could use on your next vacation.

Carrying a camera and a camcorder during your vacations can be inconvenient. There are quite a few cameras out there which can capture videos in full HD. The only problem with them is that they are not as good as basic camcorders. The working behind a camcorder is completely different to how a camera works and hence there will always be a huge difference in quality when it comes to shooting videos.

Among the camcorders out there the ones from Panasonic are quite versatile. The Panasonic HD camcorders like the HDC-HS300 are perfect for you to carry along on long trips and vacations. This camcorder has the ability to shoot videos at full HD (1920*1080) making it great to watch on a large screen HDTV. This camcorder has about 120 GB of space which results in about 50 hours of video capture.

The video quality of this camera is largely because of the three 1/4.1 CMOS sensor which total up to about 9.1 megapixels. These sensors also capture still photos at 10.1 megapixel resolution. The optical image stabilization system works quite well and eliminates the blur caused by unsteady hands or while zooming in on a subject. The 2.7 inch LCD screen is bright enough for you to preview all the videos which you would have captured.

Once you’ve got a camcorder it is time you get a still camera. Since you are planning on carrying a camcorder along with a camera, a compact point and shoot camera would be the convenient option. The Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera HX30 is a pretty good compact point and shoot digital camera. This camera features an 18.2 megapixel CMOS sensor which will offer you sharp and clear photographs.

It also features 20x optical zoom so you can close in on your subject from long distances. It also has digital zoom of about 20x making the effective zoom at 40x. With this camera you can also capture 3D still images as well as create 3D panoramas. For a point and shoot camera it sure does have a ton of features. The GPS functionality will allow you to geo tag your images so you will know exactly where you took them. Lastly this camera can also capture videos at full HD at 30 frames a second.

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