Lengthen the life of your mesh door


door grille

I don’t know about you but there are times when I could gladly give away my pet to a stranger walking by. And somehow, he just senses my anger and makes up for all the naughtiness with some yucky and wet slurps, which melt my heart! So since I can’t stop him from getting naughty, I decided to install a few Buzzo-proof accessories for my home.

One of them is a door grille to strengthen the life of my mesh door. And here, it is not my pet alone that I am handling. Even the kids help him to sag and tear the mesh with constant poking and rough handling. The door grille is fixed to the mesh door in order to avoid damage to it. These protective door grilles help to-

  • Prevent the mesh from getting sagged or torn down
  • Doesn’t let your pet run away outside
  • Is made of steel or other metals, which are durable but not harmful or a threat to the kids and pets
  • Can be fixed at the patio or front door or as per your requirement
  • Assembling doesn’t take too much time and it can be taken down with ease too

Replacement French screen door.

Another alternative here is a replacement French screen door, which is a more feasible option for bigger doors or homes that don’t have a mesh. The French screen doors offers ventilation and helps to keep out insects too. It can be operated either left or right, depending on the usage.

The easy installation makes it a more feasible alternative for all homes and it also fits retro size patio doors. The doors are perfect for in swing units. What I love about these doors is that they keep your pet safe, but also have other uses too. And they don’t obstruct your view or look obscure with the décor.

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