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I wanted to change the look of my bathroom so decided to go for a vanity top. The best part was that there was a multitude of colors, designs and sizes that I found in the market. In fact I had the option to choose a double or a single sink too. Some of the common types of vanity were acrylic, ceramic, laminate, porcelain among others.

I eventually got myself a 60 inch vanity to enhance the look of the bathroom. While I got a porcelain vanity top, there were several others that I saw as well. You can choose natural stone for a classic and evergreen feel. One of them was granite. Granite was one of the most effective when it was meant to be used for a bathroom counter. I saw there were tons of colors that one could choose from and it was extremely heat and moisture resistant too. Did you know it was resistant to scratches too? With a granite vanity you can say goodbye to bacteria growth.

I saw a marble top at my friend’s house last week. There were tons of colors and patterns that one can choose from in marble. The vanity made of marble can shine and gleam and look rather attractive as per me! Maybe you could opt for a glass vanity as well. Whatever color and size you like can be your choice of countertop. It is a rather “green” option too. There are several glass bowls that you can actually get of recycled glass as well.

If you want to go for an economical option then laminate vanity tops also look great. Easy to clean and easy to maintain are other advantages that you can enjoy from the same. The resistance of stains and scratches is also done with ease. Acrylic boasts of the same qualities. Do not forget the plethora that you can avail of in ceramic vanities too?

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