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portable dog house kennel, 8ft dog kennel

No matter how much you love your pet, there are times when you need to give them their own space, and also have some of your own! In this reference, a portable dog house kennel is a smart pick because it gives you the versatility to be placed anywhere or even carried along for short trips and excursions.

Also, if your pet prefers staying outdoors rather than indoors, then investing in a kennel is a good idea. Your little darling can laze around in it without getting drenched in the rain or getting hot in the summer. Check out this Trixie dog kennel with a flat roof is a suitable outdoor home for any dog!

  • It is made of glazed pinewood and is extra high with adjustable feet that also offers protection against humidity and cold floors.
  • The kennel ensures there’s good air circulation below the kennel.
  • You also have the option to open the roof for easy access to your pets and their supplies.
  • The trendy and functional kennel both winter-proof and weatherproof to keep your pets safe year-round.
  • The removable floor it’s easy to clean and assemble.

For more than one dog, you can opt for the 8ft dog kennel. These kennels or pens are secure with quality accessories. It has a top keep out predators and other pets. You can also use the top as a sturdy shell upon to place sun shades or night blankets during colder nights to keep them protected.

The Classic exercise pen and Elite exercise pen more is shaped to be used exclusively used for multiple dogs. The mesh floor along with additional connecting snaps and ground stakes offers protection and comfort. It also prevents your pets from stepping in messes or accidents, and don’t let their paws get exposed to rough terrains or get dirty.

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