Pretty purple pillows for a positively peaceful prelude


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There are some days that we go through that seem like the only thing we really need is a comforting, restful night’s sleep. Well we’re here to not only help you rest easy, but set your room so it’s the most tranquil and peaceful night’s sleep you’ll get in ages. Keep reading to see how you can make your next night’s sleep its best.

In terms of decorating, you’ll want to set the scene with colors that are known for creating a serene mind. Colors that are known for making someone feel calmer are light blue and light green. The mind is known for releasing calming hormones when seeing these colors. One other color that helps ease the mind is purple. So maybe get something like a purple comforter set, it’ll help as you slide your way into your bed the soothing calming feeling of serenity.

We’ll give you some tips to help fall asleep more easily too!

Use some relaxation techniques. What’s great about using these is they not only help relax your body, but the help calm the mind as well. Imagine yourself being in a big grassy field. Feel the texture of the grass on your arms, imagine the breeze caressing your face, smell the flowers that are all around you. By taking the time to help your mind relax, this will make for a much more restful night’s sleep and make you fall asleep quickly.

Also make sure to stop doing activities that stir up your mind well before you go to sleep. We all have raging thoughts that zoom around in our heads due to things we just watched on TV or a crazy internet video we saw. It helps to wind down with something relaxing like getting ready for bed and letting your mind get in the rest mode.

If you’re looking for a different type of bedding to possibly help you catch your Z’s, then maybe pick up some lilac king size comforters. The light purple color will be just your head ordered to see before you slip off into dreamland.

Let us know if any of these techniques work for you, and sweet dreams!

Written by Jessamine Casia

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