Look cool and keep cool with these picnic coolers


upright rolling picnic cooler, mother lunch man coolerWith the weather being so nice, now is a perfect time to head out to the beach or park and have a good old fashioned picnic or BBQ. The only downside to having such a fun day is having to pack up all of that food! Well I’m here today to make that easier on you. Not only do I have a couple of coolers that will keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold, but they will make transporting everything much easier and convenient.

Upright Rolling Picnic Cooler

The wheel has been around for a while. So why try and carry all of your picnic food from the car to your picnic site? Get a cooler with some wheels! You can get very large coolers, (in the neighborhood of 13 gallons), novelty coolers (shaped like a football, for example), and multifunctional coolers (that doubles as a fold-able camping chair). But having wheels on your coolers will save you energy and free up a hand to carry something else as well.

Mother Lunch Man Cooler

If you’re going to have a smaller picnic instead of a big family gathering, then you certainly don’t need a 13 gallon cooler. Grab this Mother Lunch Man Cooler which will insulate all of your food as needed. There is a shoulder strap that allows you to free up your hands to grab other items, and a front pocket that can hold utensils like knives, forks, and spoons. It’s small enough to double as a lunch cooler for one person if you bring your lunch to work everyday.

There you have it: two simple coolers that can make your picnic or BBQ that much less of a hassle, leaving room for that much more fun! What is your favorite cooler to use? Have any tips for your fellow readers? Share them with us in the comments section!


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