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smiling cat charm, bangle charm

I remember how I loved my charm rings, bracelets and bangles as a kid, especially whenever I would wear them to school. I kind of thought (and deep down still do) that these charm jewelry bring good luck. But of course, these days I prefer saying that I wear them because they are trendy and look cute.     

Charm jewelry is designed differently to suit various personality types. Some are sacred symbols while the others might be representation of a culture, tradition or even worship. Then there are some that saves you from bad luck like evil eye and others enhance overall health. Check out these trendy and practical charm bracelets, which might be bring some winds of lucky change for you-

1. Smiling cat charm

Someone who is playful and experimental with their style might try a smiling car charm bracelet. Ross and Simon have a cute silver one that reminds you of your favorite feline. It can be a tribute to your pet too.

2. Sister inspired bangle charm

This beautiful bangle from Inspired Silver has an eternal loop so the message is inscribed overall, symbolizing it is never ending. The twisted style bracelet has a cute flower charm with the word sisters with an inscribed with the following message. The unique prayer seems infinite and strengthens the bonds of sisterhood. You can give it to a dear friend or sibling.

Here are some other charm bracelets and bangles that may suit your style or personality-

  • The elephant or “Felicite” is a symbol of happiness
  • The heart or “Amour” exudes love
  • The four-leaf clover also called the “Bonheur” brings luck
  • The horseshoe magnet draws power and money
  • The chimney sweep or ladder and brush brings luck
  • The lucky Buddha is also to bring luck, smiles and happiness
  • The black cat is known to enhance gambling luck

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  1. Vickie white Says:

    I love charm bracelets, u have nice charms

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